June 27-30, 2019
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Elroy Fair

Elroy, Wisconsin

2018 Elroy Fairbook Dedication

John Weger, Elroy

John Weger was born in Elroy in 1930. He went to school and lived in Elroy until he went to college. He attended UW-Platteville and UW-Madison. In 1952, he joined the Marine Corps. When he returned to Elroy in 1956, he and his wife Bev settled down with their 4 kids. Three years later they added their 5th child. John began teaching in Elroy during the 1956-1957 school year. He taught biology, general science, general math, and physics. When the schools combined in 1959, he became just the biology teacher. A few years later, he became the guidance counselor until 1995 when he retired. Since retirement, he’s been involved in community service to Elroy and the surrounding communities. He also keeps himself busy by entertaining his large family which includes 16 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren. He’s been a busy man his whole life, but continues to volunteer his time. One of his long time commitments has been to the Elroy Fair.

John started helping at the Elroy Fair when he was 16 years old. He sold tickets and registered animals. After the war, he came back again and helped with registering animals. Since retirement, he’s been a lot more involved selling tickets for every event, as superintendent of the Mechanical Science entries, and helping at the Lion’s Food Stand. You can always see him around the park supporting the local organizations, getting his fair share of fair food, watching the animal shows, walking through the barns and chatting with the show kids, or checking out the exhibits. John’s favorite memory from a fair was from 1951 when he had the opportunity to announce the horse pull. Currently, his favorite parts of the fair are watching the Horse Pull and the Bull Riding as a spectator, walking through the barns and exhibits, and watching the livestock shows. John hopes for the fair to stay alive and continue to encourage young people to exhibit their work, whether it is livestock or non-animal exhibits.

John loves his volunteer work, and he loves the Elroy Fair. If you took the time to chat with him, he would probably talk with you for hours about his fair memories. We thank John for his dedication to the fair and for his many, many years of service to the Elroy Fair. It is an honor to dedicate the 2018 Elroy Fair Book to John Weger!