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Logan Henthorne Memorial Truck and Tractor Pull

Friday, June 21, 7pm

The Logan Henthorne Memorial local classes are 12000# and 15000# Farm 8mph. 12000# local farm will be the first class.  The driver's meeting is at 6:30pm and pulling starts at 7pm. The funds raised from the local farm classes are donated to the Logan Lives on Memorial Scholarship given by the

Elroy Fair and Southwest WI Pullers to Royall High School seniors. 

See you all on Friday, June 21.


2024 Classes

Pro Street (2.6) Trucks
Altered Farm Tractors
8500# Too Hot to Farm

6500# Outlaw Truck/Tractor

Street Semis/Outlaw Semi

11500# Outlaw Farm Stock

Work Stock Diesel Trucks

13000# Local Farm Stock 8mph

8000# Farm Tractors 7mph

Promoters Choice Class

    12000# & 15000 8mph


All classes are organized by Southwest WI Pullers. For general questions, contact Southwest WI Pullers. Please refer to their website for rules and other information. 

Kristopher Clark- President- 608-495-0595

or Mike (Elroy Fair) 608-542-0258 for more information.

Come watch the pull!
Admission: $10 (Ages 10 and up)
$5 (Ages 6-9)
Free! (5 and under)
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